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A unique installation “Experimental research complex “Murmansk oceanarium” (Oceanarium)

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In 1999, a unique installation “Experimental research complex “Murmansk oceanarium” has been created in MMBI RAS with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to carry out studies on marine mammals and to develop methods for their use in biotechnological systems.

A unique installation includes several enclosure complexes, scientific equipment, outfit and the necessary infrastructure: marine ones in Kola Bay (Polyarny and Gadzhievo), freshwater ones in the Semenovskoe lake (Murmansk) and a stationary Oceanarium (Murmansk) (size of the area - 40 000 m2). The unique installation is a complex of technical means and technologies for working with marine mammals in laboratory and field conditions of the Arctic (polar night, low temperatures, ice cover). An experimental site in Saida Bay is equipped with a system of floating enclosure complexes for long-term keeping and study of pinnipeds in conditions close to natural; enclosures in the Semenovskoe lake allow working simultaneously with 10-12 seals. A research on the biology and physiology of the higher nervous activity of pinnipeds under controlled laboratory conditions is being carried out at a stationary oceanarium. The work with pinnipeds in the “Experimental research complex “Murmansk oceanarium” is still unchallenged neither in Russia, nor in the world. These studies play a particular role within the framework of the “Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation until 2020” to ensure national interests in the Arctic region concerned the offshore deposits development, safety of offshore operations, counterterrorism measures and strengthening the defense capability of the country.

The unique installation priorities - Security and Countering Terrorism, Biosciences

Critical technologies, which include results, obtained using a unique installation - Biomedical and veterinary technologies

The guidelines of scientific research carried out using the installation are the following:

- the possibility of using pinnipeds in biotechnical dual purpose systems;

- mechanisms of pinnipeds adaptation to conditions of water environment (respiratory physiology and functioning of cardiovascular system);

- experimental study of pinnipeds behavior respondent to visual and auditory stimuli;

- experimental ecological and physiological studies;

- a study of the electromagnetic radiation impact on marine mammals.




Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science
Murmansk Marine Biological Institute
Of the Russian Academy of Sciences (MMBI RAS)
183010, Murmansk,
Ul. Vladimirskaya, 17, Russia
Email: mmbi@mmbi.info and murman-mmbi@yandex.ru

Ishkulov Dmitry G.
Research Director, Ph.D. (Biology)

Mikhailyuk Aleksander L.
Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnical Systems, Ph.D. (Biology)