Scope of Research Activities

MMBI primary goal is fundamental and applied studies on marine biology, oceanography, marine geology, and ecology.

The scope of research activities encompasses:

  • status, dynamics, and biological productivity of ecosystems of northern and southern seas of Russia
  • role of oceanic periglacial in the evolution of the shelf and marine ecosystems of the Arctic
  • biology and ecology of benthos, plankton, marine fishes, birds and mammals
  • physiologic and biochemical adaptations of marine living organisms to arctic conditions; cellular and molecular mechanisms of the regulation of their vital functions
  • chemical and radioactive contamination of the environment and biota of marine ecosystems
  • methodology and methods of environmental assessments of projects on exploitation of living and non-living resources of the continental shelf and coastal zone
  • new information technologies and databases on oceanology and hydrobiology
  • aquaculture biotechnologies, science basis for rational use and conservation of biologic resources of the arctic and southern seas of Russia

MMBI possesses the following certificates and licenses:


License to carry out educational activities. The license gives right to offer post-graduate courses on ichthyology, ecology, hydrobiology, oceanology, and geoecology


ISO 9001:2000 certificate testifying that MMBI quality management system as applied to carrying out fundamental and applied research in marine biology, oceanography, marine geology, and ecology is in conformance to ISO 9000:2000 standard

License to carry out hydro-meteorological research and monitoring, including:
  • measuring meteorological, climatologic, hydro-biologic, oceanologic parameters of the environment
  • taking samples of air, soil and water; measuring the level of radioactive and chemical contamination
  • preparing and submitting analytical information on environmental quality status and contamination status (including radioactive contamination) to outside users
  • building and updating data banks on hydrometeorology and related areas of knowledge

License to carry out engineering survey for construction of I and II category buildings according to the national standard


Certificate of accreditation to MMBI radiation control laboratory giving right to carry out monitoring of radioactive contamination and radiation control of:
  • drinking water, table water, water for municipal and industrial purposes, water from natural sources and water bodies
  • soil, ground, bottom sediments
  • food raw material and food products
  • building materials of natural and artificial origin, solid construction and industrial waste